When installing Maya on macOS, the following message is displayed:

Installation Failed
The software could not be installed.

Installation failed on Exit
Installation Failed.
Installation failed on Exit
Errors Occured During Installation


Residual files left over from previous Maya installation causing new installation to fail.


Close the installer and check in your Applications folder to see if Maya actually installed successfully.

  1. Try launching Maya by double clicking on the Maya icon located here: /Applications/Autodesk/Maya 201x
  2. Next, If there is a no Maya icon present or Maya does not launch correctly, perform a clean uninstall of ALL Autodesk products from the computer using the following steps:
    1. Delete /Applications/Autodesk folder
    2. Delete /Library/Application Support/Autodesk folder.
    3. Open /var/db/receipts/ folder and delete all files that start with com.autodesk, com.Autodesk and com.alias
    4. Delete /Library/Autodesk
    5. Navigate to the folder /Library/Preferences/Flexnet Publisher/FLEXnet and delete the files prefixed with adskflex.
    6. Delete the folder /Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Autodesk
    7. Delete the ~/Library/Autodesk folder

Retry the Maya installation. If it fails after performing the above steps, create in a new local admin user profile and re-install

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