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Maya crashes when opening file with Hypershade window already opened


Maya crashes when opening file while already having the Hypershade window opened.


  • Code in the userPrefs.mel file is set to a value of 1.

The line of code causing the crash is: 

-iv "minorNodeTypesDisplay" 1
  • Unassigned materials might cause the crashing behavior


To solve the crashing behavior of Maya:

  • Change the file userPrefs.mel
  1. Find theuserPrefs.mel file in C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\Maya\2019\prefs
  2. Open the file with a text editor and find the line -iv “minorNodeTypesDisplay” 1
  3. Change the value to 0. The line should look like -iv “minorNodeTypesDisplay” 0
  4. Save the file and restart Maya.
  • Execute a “Delete Unused Nodes” in the Hypershade
  1. Open the Hypershade in Maya at Windows > Rendering Editors > Hypershade
  2. In the Hypershade window, go to Edit > Delete Unused Nodes.
  3. This function will delete all unassigned materials from the scene file.
  4. Save the scene.

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