Autodesk has announced the release of Maya 2022.2. New features include:

  • A new Scaling feature has been added to the Solidify deformer that gives artists better control when resizing tagged geometry. It is now possible to use the Scale mode settings to determine how the deformation treats the geometry with Edge, Edge Global and Scale options. Normal Scale and Tangent Plane Scale fields make it possible to apply uniform offsets to the scale effect.
  • The Recent File list in Application Home has been upgraded to allow you to locate a file’s location faster in the right-side menu.
  • The script editor has been improved with the addition of new options in the Attribute Editor. The new Save All Script Tabs option saves the script tabs open to a file so that they can be easily recovered. Show tabs and spaces visually display tab and space indicators and view white spaces in the Script Editor.
  • USD support has been updated with stability fixes, performance improvements and improved UV and geometry export as well as viewport drawing of curves and cards.
  • Bifrost has been updated to make it more interactive, expressive, and robust. 

To find out more about what’s new, read the announcement on Autodesk’s Maya blog and the online documentation

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