UnPlug Tools has released TopoWrap for Maya, a new procedural topology transfer tool designed to create, wrap and project detailed template ReTopo models & textures accurately and precisely from hires raw scan model data. Features include:

  • Bake hi-res textures to your retopo model from raw scan models.
  • Full control over projection mapping & smoothing etc.
  • Create matching topology marker points for laying basic topo guides for the tool.
  • Precise control over marker points distribution & editing.
  • Mirror marker points, append or delete points.
  • Exclude local areas & regions from projection-snapping, useful for preserving volumetric-mesh data-parts like inner-mouth, teeth, gums, tongue, eyesockets, nose cavities etc.
  • Paint exclude projection-snapping tool.
  • Paint relax tool for smoothing out rough surfaces.
  • Export & import marker data for already created/existing marker points. for reusing onto different models.

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