Unable to open a file previously working in Maya. The program stalls, crashes, or freezes.

To unfreeze, force close the program from the Task Manager and then restart the session. 


There are multiple potential causes for this issue:

  • The file has changed due to specific actions performed the last time it was opened successfully.
  • The file crashed unexpectedly last time it was opened successfully.
  • The Hardware is unable to process the file.
  • The Viewport is attempting to load heavy assets, which freeze performance.


There are two potential solution paths based on the cause of this issue. Trying both is recommended.

If the file is not loading but a previous version is working, it is recommended to resume working from the most recent functional version of the file. Identify changes that were since made to best prevent the issue from reoccurring. Some steps to ensure files do not corrupt:

  • Check the task manager while using the functional file, if the hardware is stressed already, be cautious about adding more assets and increasing file size.
  • Ensure that, when possible, the file.mb filetype is used; this is the most robust filetype.
  • Ensure that the file name does not have spaces or special characters in it. Underscores are recommended instead. For example, File_name_ver_3.mb is an excellent file name.
  • Use the File > Optimize Scene command to cull unused content from the file, and better preserve functionality by removing bloat.

If the previous version of the file is unable to load as well, the hardware may be responsible for the difficulties experienced. Some steps to ensure the hardware is not preventing the file from opening:

  • Ensure that only one display is being used. If multiple displays must be used, ensure all displays are projecting the same resolution, even if each resolution is not marked Recommended.
  • Display performance or CPU memory may be the cause; ensure that the Viewport is paused when attempting to load the file. Use the Environment Variable: 
    MAYA_VP2_PAUSE_ON_STARTUP=1 to ensure the viewport is paused. Unpause the viewport once the file is fully loaded.
  • Ensure that the GPU is updated to its most recent version.
  • An error may have occurred within Maya. Consider performing a clean uninstall of the software, or deleting preferences.

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