Backburner render jobs from 3ds Max show errors; non-ASCII or “foreign” characters can appear in the Server log files. Although the jobs may be submitted from English-language versions of 3ds Max, Chinese characters may appear in the Server error messages.


The following issues may cause Backburner to display non-ASCII character warnings:

  • Corrupted Backburner settings.
  • Non-English-language characters used in one or more job names or render output name(s).
  • Presence of the ALC/CRP MAXScripts, which can corrupt 3ds Max and scene files.
  • Rendering to non-supported network devices, such as Linux-based Network Assisted Storage (NAS) drives.


To address these issues, do the following:

  1. Reset Backburner on each Manager and Server node machine as per the instructions in this article: Reset Backburner user settings to default.
  2. Remove or rename any non-English-language characters from 3ds Max scene file names (job names) and render output names, folders and file paths, then re-submit the job.
  3. Make sure to download and install the 3ds Max Security Tools as per these instructions: Third-party MAXScript (ALC) causes scene file crashes, corrupts scene data, gives Script Controller error, or no longer uses the Undo function in 3ds Max.
  4. Update any NAS software/firmware drivers to the latest versions, especially after Windows 10 updates.

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