While panning, zooming, or orbiting the Viewport, objects are displayed as Bounding Boxes in 3ds Max.


Adaptive Degradation is turned ON in the Viewport. 


Generally if there are larger numbers of objects within a scene, or if the scene contains very high poly models, 3ds Max will use  Adaptive Degradation to help keep the playback frame rate up in the Viewport. This is done by displaying objects in the Viewport as Bounding Boxes.

To prevent 3ds Max from displaying objects as Bounding Boxes, turn off the Adaptive Degradation( AD) feature. To disable AD in the Viewport:

  1. Under the 3ds Max Time Slider and Track Bar, find the AD button.
  2. Click the button (or press ‘O’ hotkey) to turn off the functionality. The button should no longer be highlighted in light blue when disabled.
Scene objects become Bounding Boxes in 3ds Max Viewport
Turn off the AD

Note: If users do not wish to turn off the feature completely, right-click the Adaptive Degradation UI button to access more settings to fine-tune the degradation within the Viewport.

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