This guide contains a list of possible issues with the Corona Official Toolbar and solutions to them.

1. “Corona Toolbar” is visible instead of “Corona Official Toolbar”

“Corona Toolbar” is an old name that we used in the first versions of Corona Renderer where the toolbar was included. Later, we have found out that this name conflicts with some 3rd-party toolbars and since 3ds Max identifies toolbars by names, you cannot have two toolbars having the same name. Therefore, we have decided to rename our toolbar to “Corona Official Toolbar” so that it does not conflict with other ones. 

If you can see a toolbar called “Corona Toolbar” (either floating separately, or in addition to the Corona Official Toolbar), it is and old version and it can be safely removed:

  • In 3ds Max 2017 and earlier go to Customize > Customize User Interface > Toolbars, then locate “Corona Toolbar” in the top-right part of the window, and press the “Delete…” button.
  • In 3ds Max 2018 and newer, this issue should not be happening. 

2. The toolbar is visible, but nothing happens when clicking the icons and there are random characters in the tooltips when hovering mouse cursor over any of the toolbar icons.


  1. Go to Customize > Customize User Interface > Toolbars, then locate “Corona Toolbar” and “Corona Official Toolbar” items in the top-right part of the window, and remove both items by pressing the “Delete…” button.
  2. Close 3ds Max.
  3. Uninstall Corona Renderer from the Windows “Add or remove programs” list. 
  4. Install the newest version of Corona Renderer again.
  5. Start 3ds Max again. 

3. Adding button into the Corona Official Toolbar, but it disappeared!

This may happen in 3ds Max 2018 as this version of 3ds Max will re-initialize the toolbar from scratch each time it is restarted. There is no solution to this and if you wish to add your own buttons, you need to create your own toolbar, or place them in a different part of the 3ds Max UI. 

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