Here is a few tips that can speed up render times.

Tips: Speed up rendering on Cinema 4D
Tips: Speed up rendering on Cinema 4D
  1. Make sure you are rendering at a correct dimensions. 1280×720 is perfectly fine for Videos. 1920×1080 can increase render time dramatically.
  2. Check your anti-aliasing in your Render settings. Min 1×1 and Max can be set 2×2 is usually good. No need to use 4×4 which is default can increase render times significantly.
  3. Shadows. Adjust what type of shadows you have on your lights Physically accurate setting will increase your render times. When another shadow can be just as good.
  4. Global illumination – can make your renders look really professional. But will also increase render times. Make sure you need it.
  5. When rendering make sure you don’t have all you quality settings on High(Anti-aliasing, GI, AO, Reflections) when previewing.
  6. Go to Render Menu – Make Preview for just previewing renders.
  7. Make sure any Reflective on Transparent materials are needed. Reflections will dramatically increase render times.
  8. Do you have an old computer lying around. You could use team render to use the power of all your computers to give you a bump in render speed. Team render is free with any purchase of Cinema 4D and is easy to set-up.

Here is a render basics video that goes over these terms and settings:

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