“unhandle exception” message window appears while rendering

Cause and Solution:

The exact text in the message box may differ, depending on where in V-Ray the error occurred. There are different reasons for this message to appear:

  • Insufficient RAM – One of the most common reasons for the unhandled exception. See the section on Excessive memory usage below for more details.
  • CPU overheating or RAM defects – This is another reason for unhandled exceptions that has become quite common recently with the increased clock speed of modern processors. It is characterized by random crashes during rendering and may be quite difficult to distinguish from a software problem. Installing a CPU temperature monitoring software and checking the RAM for defects may help to determine whether the problem is in the hardware or the software.
  • Crashes with motion blur enabled – A common problem is when there are motion-blurred objects depending on one another; in that case, hiding the original object and using a copy of it for rendering helps.
  • Using the native 3ds Max Skylight light type – Either on its own, or as a part of the Daylight system. If this is the case, use V-Ray’s own environment dialog to create the skylight effect.
  • Incompatibility with other plugins – If you suspect this is the reason for the error, please contact Chaos Group Support as well as the plugin vendor and explain the situation. Please note that the problem might be in the plugin and not in V-Ray. Some plugins were specifically coded for the default scanline renderer and may behave unpredictably with V-Ray.
  • A bug in V-Ray – If you believe that this is the problem, try to isolate it (if it occurs in a specific situation related to a certain object, material, atmospheric effect etc.) and email the file c:\vraylog.txt as well as the 3ds Max scene to Chaos Group Support.

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Source: Chaos Group

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