When rendering with V-Ray ( Chaos Group), the render takes much longer than usual in 3ds Max.

V-Ray Frame Buffer Window loading.
Slow render times using V-Ray in 3ds Max


The cause of slow renders using V-Ray includes, but is not limited to:

  • The hardware and machine specifications used for rendering.
  • Bitmap paging in V-Ray.
  • Registry corruption.


To try and resolve slower renders for 3rd-party software such as V-Ray, do the following:

Check Hardware Requirements

To benefit from faster renders, ensure the PC meets the requirements of the software and render solution. Upgrade to available updates or versions as necessary.

Disable Bitmap Paging

Try disabling the bitmap paging options in V-Ray:

  1. Go to the Render Setup (F10) > Common tab.
  2. Under the Bitmap Performance and Memory Options choose Setup.
  3. The Global Settings and Defaults for Bitmap Proxies window will open.
  4. Go to the Texture and Rendered Images Memory Options.
  5. Uncheck Page Large Images to Disk (Saves Memory).
V-Ray bitmap manager.
Disable Bitmap Paging


Remove references to older version of 3ds Max or VRay in the Windows Registry if they have been uninstalled.

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