V-Ray 5 for Cinema 4D

Chaos has announced the latest version of V-Ray is now available for Cinema 4D. New features in update 2 include:

  • Native support for Apple Silicon (M1 arm64)
  • Added  “Live link” button for connection with Chaos Vantage
  • Implement UVW Randomizer as shader and as a node
  • Ability to export V-Ray scene files from the Export menu in Cinema 4D
  • Ability to import V-Ray scene files as reference objects
  • Support for Chaos Cosmos materials
  • Support for instancing V-Ray Lights
  • Implement V-Ray Light Lister
  • Implement render mask modes: “Objects” and “Object ID”
  • Options to control the Light Volumetric Contribution
  • Cryptomatte with progressive sampling
  • Add a Sharpen/Blur post effect layer
  • Integrate rendering log in the new frame buffer
  • Add option to set shortcuts for all VFB2 menu items
  • Batch image processing in VFB2 for vrimg files
  • Ability to add colour corrections to the VFB Background layer

Source: chaosgroup

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