Updates and Add-ons are separate installs of Maya that are unique downloads for each operating system. Updates are not included in the initial install of Maya, regardless of when the installation occurs. 


To download the latest updates for Maya, please follow these steps:

  1. .Sign in to your Autodesk Account by clicking Sign on
  2. Selecting “Manage Products and Downloads Page”
sign in
Sign in to your Autodesk Account.

3. On the left side of the browser, select “All Products and Services”

4. Scroll Down to Maya, click the roll out menu

5. Click on the “Downloads” link under the desired version of Maya

all products
All products

5. A downloads window will pop up. Click on the Updates and Add-ons Tab on the right hand side to see a list of available Updates for that version.

  • Updates have specific versions for each platform (Mac, Windows, Linux). Make sure to identify the appropriate download for the system it is being installed on.

If a trial version of Maya is being used, there will not be any updates available in the account – Updates are only available for licensed users. For more information on the license policies, please see the links below: 

NOTE: If a full license of Maya has been purchased but updates are still not accessible, or a specific version is not listed in the roll-out menu, please file a Technical Support case to have an Account Specialist adjust your account settings: Autodesk: Contact Support

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