Render your Cinema 4D spherical scenes and use them for Virtual Reality or Fulldome now faster and cheaper than ever.

Render true immersive scenes on Cinema 4D on the Super Render Farm!
โƒ 6 different camera presets (360 Panorama, Fisheye, Fulldome, Cubemap, Cylindrical, Little Planet)
โƒ Full control over Field of View, with aspect ratio calculator
โƒ Stereoscopic render for all cameras, as anaglyph, side by side, interlaced or single channels
โƒ Custom eye separation map to reduce stereoscopic separation on specific parts of the frame
โƒ Automatic or custom Domemaster/Fisheye masking, rendering 27% less pixels
โƒ Print Domemaster info on the masked area: frame number, timecode, credits, custom logo and mask on the Domemaster masked area
โƒ 6 fully customisable Cubemap formats, or single channels

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