Autodesk has announced Bifrost for Maya which will ship on July 31 with the Maya 2019.2 release. The new Bifrost offers a node-based visual programming environment to create many types of VFX including smoke, fire, and fuzz and effects that require high-performance particle systems. Some of the main features include:

  • Ready-to-Use Graphs – Users can quickly create effects using presets.
  • One Graph – In a single visual programming graph, users can combine nodes ranging from math operations to simulations.
  • Realistic Previews – Users can see exactly how effects will look after lighting and rendering right in the Arnold Viewport in Maya.
  • Detailed Smoke, Fire and Explosions – New physically-based solvers for aerodynamics and combustion make it easy to create natural-looking fire effects.
  • The Material Point Method – The new MPM solver helps users tackle realistic granular, cloth and fibre simulations.
  • High-Performance Particle System – A new particle system crafted entirely using visual programming adds power and scalability to particle workflows in Maya.
  • Artistic Effects with Volumes – Bifrost comes loaded with nodes that help artists convert between meshes, points and volumes to create artistic effects.
  • Flexible Instancing – High-performance, rendering-friendly instancing empowers users to create enormous complexity in their scenes.
  • Detailed Hair, Fur and Fuzz – Artists can now model things consisting of multiple fibres (or strands) procedurally.

Bifrost for Maya will be available for download on July 31, 2019 and will work with any version of Maya 2018 or later. It will also be included in the installer for Maya 2019.2 and later versions. 3DS Max users will know Bifrost as the technology behind Max Fluids, so it is possible some of this may find its way into Max in the future as well.  More information about Bifrost is available on Autodesk’s website.

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