Cinema 4D has always been known for its performance, stability and ability to take full advantage of modern technologies. Concentrating our development efforts on the most recent versions of operating systems allows us to focus on development on the features and functionality most requested by our community and ensures peak performance on the latest hardware advances as well.

Consequently, to take advantage of the latest operating system features and technologies, the next major release and future versions of Cinema 4D will not support Windows 7 or Windows 8. Mac requirements will remain at MacOS 10.13.2 or newer. We’re letting you know about these changes before they go into effect so you can plan for updates to legacy systems.

We recognize the challenges in maintaining a studio infrastructure, but it’s important to note Microsoft discontinued mainstream support for Windows 8.1 in January 2018 and Windows 7 support ended in 2015. For more information on Windows support, visit the Windows lifecycle fact sheet.


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