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Corona 4 released with new caustics

Chaos Czech (formerly Render Legion) has announced the release of Corona 4. The update adds a new Caustics algorithm that’s fast and promises to be easy enough to set up in just a couple of clicks. It can handle both reflective and refractive caustics, the latter of which can include dispersion. Caustics can be enabled or disabled on a light-by-light basis and the results are fully compatible with Corona’s Lightmix post-production tool. Other improvements include the ability to pick objects and set the focal point in a rendered image both in the VFB and viewport interactive rendering mode. Cameras gain a new fisheye mode and the Intel AI Denoiser is no longer restricted to Intel GPUs. 

Lightmix is not even more useful with the ability to render out multiple suns and environments and swap or mix them after the render is complete.  Also in Lightmix is the ability to denoise the “Rest” layer which contains all lights that have not been specifically allocated to a layer. 

Overlapping volumetric media can now overlap correctly without issues and there’s new image filtering that makes noise less noticeable to the eye. Finally, the Adaptive Light Solver is now fully functional and enabled by default to help improve render times.

Find out more on the Corona blog or by watching new features video on YouTube

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