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Golaem 7 released

Golaem has released version 7 of its crowd simulation tool for Maya introducing a new layout tool. The Golaem Layout tool is an independent tool for procedural character layout, enabling artists to easily populate shots by creating something called Population Vignettes.

These Vignettes are similar to a proxy for characters and their animations which can be edited using directable layers such as automatic foot adaptation to the ground, look at targets, the ability to duplicate characters, controllable geometry and shading variations, animation retiming, IK autorig to retake animation and more. 

Edits to Vignettes are non-destructive, and performed using a new node-based editor that makes it easy to copy edits to other characters, rearrange modifications, test different stacks of modifications and so on. Vignettes can be distributed manually or scattered in a scene using the Golaem Population Tool. 

Also in this release is a new plugin for Unreal Engine which allows the user to load and layout Population Vignettes. The plugin supports round-tripping and the source code is available to users who want to compile their own Unreal Engine version.

To find out more about these new features, visit the Golaem website and watch a demo reel and a new showreel on YouTube.

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