Quixel has released an update for Mixer, its procedural material blending and creation tool. In addition to changes to the core to improve the speed of startup, import, export, UI, and material processing, this release improved workflow with the inclusion of Undo and Redo features. 

New creation tools include a new Scatter Modifier that allows users to distribute the layer stack in a way that’s similar to particles. You can scatter using several approaches including the ability to use grids, for bricks and human-made structures, or randomly for natural effects such as stones and rocks. 

The Pattern modifier has also been overhauled to provide greater control over placement, position offset, orientation, scale, beveling and culling tiles in a pattern. There are randomised controls for brightness, gradients (for controlling tilt angle), size. and cut out. 

New blend modes have been added that include the methods you’d expect to find in a graphics application, but also some dedicated ones including a distort blend mode that allows the user to distort a shape based on its grayscale values. 

Quixel Mixer remains free during the beta period. Find out more on the Quixel blog

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