Autodesk 3ds Max 2020

Autodesk has released a major new version of their popular 3D software packageโ€”Autodesk 3ds Max 2020. The latest update to Autodeskโ€™s 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software packs performance improvements, faster playback speeds, and revamped UX features that customers have been asking for.

New in Autodesk 3ds Max 2020

Performance enhancements support more accurate playback in the Viewport Framerate, faster playback speeds with Validity Intervals, accelerated SetNormals MaxScript function, and more.

New Create Animation Preview features to enhance the user experience and enable faster local drive creation, AVI codec selection, and unlimited capture resolution, among other capabilities.

Chamfer Modifier updates, including a Fixed Weight Chamfer, presets, inset feature, endpoint bias, and added depth, facilitate efficient, predictive modeling.

OSL Shader improvements like an enhanced viewport display of OSL maps, automatic conversion of OSL shaders to viewport shaders, Quicksilver Hardware Renderer support for OSL Maps, and new and extended OSL maps introduce greater rendering flexibility and customization.

Enhanced Revit import functionlity accelerates data imports and simplifies scene management and organization, delivering options to combine files by material more selectively, the ability to import older Revit files into 2020 without upgrading, more accurate conversion of imported IES lights, and other features.

3ds Max to Arnold (MaxToA) integration updates streamlines workflows, offering the ability to export Export Points as Arnold point primitives, faster PFlow instance rendering, and distribution of the Python API to edit, write, and render .ass files without relying on kick only.

There is also support for more than 270 new plugins from 3rd party developers within the first week of launch.

Avaiability and Pricing
3ds Max 2020 is available today as a standalone subscription or with a collection of end-to-end creative tools within the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection.

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