Updated MagicPictures Software has now released its two new plugins for 3DS Max: AqBullet, which is a bullet physics-based dynamics plugin; and AqMesher, an openVDB-based meshing/levelset plugin. 

AqMesher is an OpenVDB based meshing plugin that’s compatible with particles, objects, and of course VDB objects. According to the developers it provides optimised access to many OpenVDB functions such as Meshing, levelset filter, fracture and levelset sphere functions for rigid body simulation. Features include:

  • Objects / particles / PRT files / VDB files to LevelSet
  • Adaptive Meshing to create tri or quad meshes
  • Velocity / Vertex Color channel creation
  • LevelSet Filter
  • Meshing area clipping
  • Levelset Fracture
  • Levelset to Sphere/Bullet Sphere(need Aq Bullet Plugin)
  • VDB export

The second plugin, AqBullet, is a multi-body physics simulator that can simulate rigid bodies, soft bodies, rope and constraints. Features include: 

  • Rigid Body simulation (Dynamic / Static / Kinetic)
  • Soft Body / Cloth simulation
  • Rope Simulation
  • Constraint functions (P2P, Hinge, Slider, ConeTwist, 6DOF, Softbody Anchor, Rope Anchor)
  • Bullet Primitives Object(Box, Cone, Sphere, Capsule, Cylinder)
  • Bullet Compound Object for Concave / Complex object
  • Easy to Use / Easy to Control

Both plugin are supporting 3dsmax 2015-2020 and cost $275 each. A bundle of the two plugins is also available for $450. Find out more, including video demos, on MagicPictures Software’s website (also already available is a free OpenSubdiv’s modifier that promises to be more responsive than the standard Max modifier.

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