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OTOY and Epic Games release Octane 2019 for Unreal Engine 4.

A year after it was first shown at SIGGRAPH 2018, OTOY and Epic Games take this year’s event as the opportunity to announce the official release of Octane for Unreal Engine 4. Key features include:

  • OctaneRender fully integrated into Unreal Engine 4’s node editor with intuitive scene navigation and easily accessible render passes within UE4
  • The automatic conversion of Unreal Engine scenes and materials into OctaneRender and full integration of OctaneRender 2019 features.
  • AI Light, AI Scene, AI Spectral and Volumetric Denoising, and Out-of-Core Geometry, UDIM Support and Light Linking for final rendering.
  • Octane Vectron and Spectron – Octanes recently announced procedural node-based Volumetric Geometry and Lighting technology that promises “infinite detail” and granular lighting control (features were added in OctaneRender 2018)
  • The ability to use OTOY’s ORBX scene format,  enabling users to drag and drop scenes created in many leading authoring tools and mix and match them with Unreal Engine content in a responsive Live Viewport.

 You can read the full press release on OTOY’s website.

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