E.d. films has released a new tool that converts Photoshop files to 2.5D Maya files ready for animation.

The PSD to 3D Plugin was developed in-house at e.d. films, it allows the user to convert sketches into moldable scenes and characters, ready for further manipulation and animation in Maya. After conversion, the 3D objects are available in Autodesk Maya for tweaks, including depth and resolution. All objects correspond to the original Photoshop layers, allowing artists to build up and adjust scenes and characters from the source files.

PSD to 3D is available in two versions: PSD to 3D Lite (CA$25) and PSD to 3D Pro (CA$75). Each version is compatible with Photoshop CC 2014–2019 and Maya 2016–2019. Both versions are available for a reduced rate until June 3, 2019. Find out more on e.d. films website.

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