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Quixel Bridge 2019.2 out now

Quixel has announced the release of Bridge 1019.2 with a focus on some of the most recent industry formats and workflows including support for Pixar’s Universal Scene Description, or USD format and improved support for Apples USDZ version which is a custom version of Pixar’s format. According to Quixel, this announcement makes Bridge currently the only cross-platform USD converter available. 

This version also improves support for NVIDIA’s Material Definition Language (MDL) that promises to allow users to share physically based materials and lights between applications. New integrations include Clarisse iFX with a LiveLink and converters. 

The Bridge Sync feature has been improved to allow users the option to either sync the entire Megascans library or choose to only sync purchased assets on a host machine. A team can then access synced assets over the local network, importing them to personal machines as needed.

Several smaller improvements are also included, for more details visit the Quixel blog

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