The latest version of Quixel Mixer is now available! Packed with powerful new features and a focus on hybrid workflows, this massive update focuses on the seamless combination of procedural layers and real-world scan data. And best of all: Mixer is totally free for the duration of its beta. That means that for most of this year, you can try these new features even if you donโ€™t have a Quixel subscription. 

With the new Mask Stack, you can procedurally author, modify, and define materials in a completely non-destructive workflow, and with even greater speed and responsiveness. Mask Stack “unlocks a whole new level of creativity through a total synergy between scans and procedurals, completely controllable with custom sculpting and hand-painting. This potent combination gives you the best of all worlds, enabling a slew of material authoring workflows, like procedural material creation, stylized textures, scan-based PBR materials from photos, terrain creation and much more.”

With this update, the Mask Stack will separate layers into two types: Components and Modifiers. As they write on their blog post, “Components generate all kinds of cool displacements, while modifiers alter and modify it.” Component highlights include Normal Mask, Noise Mask, Curvature, and Patterns, while Modifiers include Bevel, Gradient Remap, and Circular Transform.

For more information, check out Quixel’s thorough blog post on their website.

Example of Normal Mask Component. Image courtesy of Quixel.

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