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RizomUV 2019 released

Rizom-Lab has announced the release of Rizom UV 2019, its standalone UV mapping tool. New features include:

  • A new script launcher panel similar to other applications, where users can load and store relevant scripts after using the LUA scripting tool
  • A growing script library with a starter script that lets users select an edge and the script will find similar edges, unwrap and pack
  • Point snapping improvements for vertices, edges, polygons and island selections to vertices located on island’s border. The snapping distance can be viewport zoom, grid, or absolute distance based
  • Grid snapping distance can now be viewport zoom- grid-(with the possibility to subdivide more the current grid subdivision) or absolute distance based
  • FBX enhancements where Island Groups, UDIMs, Tile Geometry and Island properties are now saved into FBX files
  • Similar Island stacking changes, RizomUV now takes the current island selection as working set, meaning the first island selected is now the reference island and destination position.
  • Both viewports can now display either Flat or Unflattened or Both Flat and Unflattened islands. Tools and commands will be applied to what is currently displayed in the viewport under your mouse pointer.
  • In-panel statistics island, group and tile selection now displayed in colour and condensed

RizomUV 2019 is available to rent at indie prices for €14.95 a month or €149 per year (these are sale prices until July 1).   The software is compatible with Windows and MacOS, with a Linux-version currently calling for testers. Find out more on Rizom-Lab’s website



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