iToo Software – the developer of Forest Pack and RailClone – has released a new free plugin for 3DS Max called SplineOffset. 

SplineOffset is a modifier that can clone splines while allowing the user to incrementally increase or decrease their offset, translation, and rotation.

In many ways, it is like a combination of a parametrised version of 3DS Max’s built-in array tool and iToo’s free Clone modifier. In addition, it has the ability to incrementally offset splines and automatically heal overlapping paths. As a modifier, SplineOffset is fully parametric so users can change or animate the number of clones, the size of the offsets, and their distribution at any time.

Other features include the ability to set, offset and sequence material IDs; a choice of 5 end types for open splines; and the options to specify 3 types of corner bevel.

2 offset algorithms are included, the fully-featured 2D algorithm includes the ability to heal overlapping splines but flattens the original spline on the Z-axis. The 3D algorithm does not have the healing features or the end types but can retain the original shape of the spline on the Z-axis. It is possible to add multiple SplineOffset modifiers to create 2D and 3D arrays, each with their own settings.

SplineOffset is free and available for Max 2013 and above. Find out more and download on iToo Software’s website (sign-in required).

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