EffectiveTDs has released Storm, its standalone granular simulation tool. Version 0.2.5 adds expressions for all float and boolean parameters, a Linux version, floating licensing option, the ability for caches and images to be written in the background for up to 2X speed increases, forces based on chunks, a new wind mode force, improved Alembic sequence export to include more data and multiple tool accelerations, improvements on viewport display and other fixes. 

New features in Storm 0.2.5


  • Reworked grains behaviour, faster.
  • Grains can stack much better.
  • Grains can go to sleep for faster sims.
  • Grains can start asleep.
  • Grains can be sticky to and follow deforming/static geo.
  • More channels for shading.

Core system

  • Initial state for particles. Start your sim with an existing simulation.
  • Import any alembic camera animation.
  • Faster GPU accelerated viewport.
  • New particles visualization.
  • More data saved on PRT exports
  • Adaptive Substepping
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac.


  • Improved collisions.
  • SDF visualization improved, grid visualization.
  • Internal scale for any geometry
  • Volumes can be used to activate sleep particles to turn on/off stickyness or to delete particles.
  • Improved friction model.


  • Help tooltips directly on all parameters.
  • Added shortcuts for fast animation keyframes on any channel.
  • Added drop lists, and cycle trough options.
  • Gizmos improved and new rotation gizmo
  • Improved picking in viewport.
  • Playblasting also possible through menu.

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