Adobe has announced the updated of its Substance plugin for Maya. Version 2.0.1  has been extensively rewritten and now supports the output of textures with resolutions up to 8K for the GPU engine and 4K for the CPU engine. Caching the output to disk has been improved with options to set the type to either LDR or HDR types. Cached outputs can also be automatically read back into the shader network via a Maya file node. There’s also new support for floating-point outputs using EXR.

The plugin also adds the ability for a substance to output numeric value that can be used directly with Maya nodes and materials. This allows a Substance to control several aspects of a shader network where it makes more sense to use a number rather than textures, such as IOR . 

It is now possible to batch import Substance files and drag and drop Substance files into the Hypershade editor. There’s a new Substance shelf that contains common commands for working with Substance files. 

Finally, there are new one-click solution setups for creating a complete shader network compatible with Arnold, Vray Next, Renderman, Redshift and Maxwell. Users can also create their your own custom workflow.

Find out more on the Substance blog.

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