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Substance SIGGRAPH 2019 announcements

Adobe has made a number of announcements about the Substance product line at this year’s SIGGRAPH conference.

First up, they demoed developments in UDIM workflows in Painter including the ability to paint across UV Tiles. Two demos were shown, in the first a project is imported from Mari and in the second the project is started entirely in Substance Painter. The feature is currently in a closed beta with more news expected later this year. 

They also revealed Project Anorigami, the Substance family’s take on automated UV creation. ​ According to the announcement, the technology can automate all 3 parts of the UV process: segmentation, unwrapping, and packing.​

Some improvements to Alchemist have been revealed including changes to material management with the ability to connect with your local folders, material tagging and rating, real-time monitoring in 2 dedicated views and a livelink to the launcher. The delighter filter is also being improved and a new approach to material scanning through a series of photos is being introduced that can rebuild a material from photos using images taken from a fixed camera under any lighting conditions.

Substance Alchemist can also now be tried by anyone. It was formerly only available to beta test by those with a Substance subscription, but a free trial is now available. 

On the subject of materials, Substance Source will soon gain over 400 new procedural materials for architecture. This brings the total to around 600 customizable materials for visualisation.

Also revealed were some more long-term R&D projects including content-aware material filling, spot filling, seam removal, material cleanup, albedo extraction from a single image, texture streaming for path tracers, painting in VR with Oculus Dash, a new denoiser, new agnostic shader graph, dual viewports: MDL and GLSL, the ability to export to MaterialX and more. 

Read the announcements on the Substance Blog

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