The Orville follows the adventures of the eponymous starship that, much in the same mold as Roddenberry’s Star Trek, has as its mission to explore lands and peoples not yet discovered. With such space-faring storylines comes the necessity for hugely ambitious visual effects, and international VFX studio Pixomondo was only too happy to lend their talents to the effort. Check out the breakdown of how they approached a massive space battle for The Orville’s Season 2, Episode 9 below:

And check out the show reel, featuring Pixomondo’s work on Season 2, Episode 8:

For more information about Pixomondo’s work in bringing The Orville to life, check out Vincent Frei’s interview with Pixomondo’s Nhat Phong Tran (VFX Supervisor), Daniel Carbo (VFX Producer), and Matt McClurg (Previz Supervisor) on Art of VFX here.

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