KinematicLab has released an update to TopoLogiK, its retopology tool for 3DS Max that promises a “more procedural, parametric and efficient approach”. Features since last reported include:

  • Better Brush Radius sensibility, as well as Taper on Stripe tool.
  • Straighten selection brush.
  • Symmetry functions. 
  • Move Brush.
  • Number of subdivs visible on each tool.
  • Easily release the HighMesh from TopoLogiK.
  • Show or Hide the Edges of the HighMesh.
  •  Show or Hide the Shader&Map of the HighMesh
  • TopoLogiK UI now remembers it’s position.
  • Bug fixes to the pie menu and shortcuts help window for 4K monitors users who experienced an offset between the mouse and the pie menu.
  • Less slowdown on very high resolution meshes with the Create Face tool.
  • The tooltip on the highmesh and retopomesh button now also show the object name.

TopoLogiK is compatible with 3DS Max 2010 to 2020 and costs €30.00 for a single perpetual node-locked license. Find out more on KinematicLab’s website.

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