Wonderparc is a new suite of software that promises to create 3D environments from a photo using artificial intelligence. The process is divided into 4 separate processes: moods, camera, objects and materials. 

First of all the Moods module – which is the only one of these to currently have a working prototype – is intended to read any landscape photo and transfer the colour temperature, fog, lights, weather, clouds and more to Unreal Engine 4. 

The remaining modules do not yet have prototypes, including the second module for cameras which will reverse engineer the perspective and position, the lens, depth of field and more. 

The 3rd module will take care of the objects in the scene, identifying terrain, plants, water etc and setting rules to distribute them. It goes without saying that it will not make these assets, a pre-made library of 3D models will be used. 

Finally, the 4th module will identify and allocate materials which could vary according to season and weather conditions. 

As mentioned, only the fist of these modules currently has a proof-of-concept prototype but we will report more information once it becomes available. 

Wunderparc’s first prototype can be seen at GamesCom from August 20 to 22. Find out more on the product’s website

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