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XParticles 2019 released

Insydium has released the latest update for XParticles for Cinema 4D. New features include an xpDynamics Tag that is fully integrated into the X-Particles system and works with fluids, smoke, fire and constraints. Dynamic Objects can be controlled and art-directed using X-Particles emitters, modifiers, questions & actions and data mapping.

Also in this release is xpShatter, that allows the user to fragment objects. It is compatible with objects, splines, particles and point generators to control shattering and it works in combination with the new xpDynamics feature.

Fluids have also been improved with the addition of xpSplash for improved splash-crown animations. A new modifier to generate thin film particles called xpSheeter, is also included.

XpQuickTools promises a single-click solution to set up commonly used X-Particles scenes and settings. It comes complete with 25 scene presets. Many more features including enhancements to existing tools are included, you can see the full list and videos on Insydium’s website

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